Do I need a license to purchase from your website?

No license of any kind is required to purchase anything from our site, however, certain laws may prohibit you from purchasing an item (e.g., High Capacity Magazines) from our site depending on where you are located. We do not sell any firearms.

When do orders ship?

Orders will ship within 1-3 days after payment has been processed.

Why does my tracking information say 'Shipping Label Created' and nothing else?

This means the shipment is being processed but has not yet been shipped.

How do I use your cerakoting services?

If you are purchasing a product from us and want it cerakoted as well, you don't have to do anything! Just wait patiently for your product to arrive.

If you are sending in your own personal item you will receive instructions by email.

How long does cerakoting take?

Items purchased from our website to be cerakoted will take 2 weeks from the date purchased to be completed.

If you are sending in your personal item to be cerakoted it will take 2 weeks from the date we receive your item to be completed.

How do I return an item?

You can use our contact form or email us at info@blanklowers.com.

Please include your order number, the item you want to return, and the reason why you are returning the item.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently only ship within the United States of America.

Are there any shipping restrictions?

Certain products we can not ship to the state specified in the checkout due to the laws and regulations of that state. We reserve the right to not ship an order because of a restriction that is not listed here. Any order placed containing restricted products will be refunded. Please know your state and local laws.

We will not ship any magazine that holds more than the restricted number of rounds to these states.

California: No magazines over 10 Rounds.

Colorado: No magazines over 15 Rounds.

Connecticut: No magazines over 10 Rounds.

District of Columbia: No magazines over 10 Rounds.

Hawaii: No magazines over 10 Rounds, rifle or handgun.

Illinois: No Magazines to Cook County over 10 Rounds.

Maryland: No magazines over 10 Rounds

Massachusetts: No Magazines over 10 Rounds.

New Jersey: No Magazines over 15 Rounds.

New York State: No magazines over 10 Rounds.

Do you have a dealer program?

Please use our contact form or email us at info@blanklowers.com for dealer inquiries.